Catherina Centanni


HC11 microcontroller, PC, CRT, speakers, steel, plexiglass, water, electric pump

Fountain was created in 2001. Google was still in its infancy, and it was possible to monitor and scrape web search queries entered into Google Search around the world. Using the image search function, I retrieved images related to each search term which was displayed as a collage on a cathode ray tube mounted under a plexiglass tank filled with water. Each time a new image was retrieved, a pump was actuated creating the appearance of images bubbling up and floating at different levels in the fountain. The viewer would look into the tank in order to see the screen. Gallery visitors were able to hear each term spoken using text to speech, attracting them look into the tank in order to resolve the images.

The water relates to the fluidity of images found on the Internet. The user has no direct control over the graphics or words displayed on the screen, but experiences it as a voyeur. Looking into an agitated display of refracted light, and seemingly random spoken words requested anonymously, surfing the web in a fish tank.



  • Chairman’s grant
  • Alumni award
  • Computer Art thesis grant
  • Award for best interactive media thesis